New funding will drive a pilot project to connect patients with rides to medical appointments and address transportation barriers to health.

Indiana’s unemployment rate improved in July for the second consecutive month.

That’s despite other, negative employment figures.

I-69 Ohio River Crossing Bridge To Be Tolled

Apr 26, 2018
People attend one of the open houses earlier this year in Evansville to learn about the three corridors being considered. (FILE PHOTO: Samantha Horton/WNIN)
Samantha Horton

Officials are expected to pick from one of three Interstate 69 bridge routes across the Ohio River by the end of this year – but to pay for it, drivers will be charged.

Transportation committee leaders in the Indiana General Assembly say their work isn’t done after last session’s landmark road funding bill.

Tolling Revenue Study Ignores Restrictions In Current State Law

Nov 2, 2017

A study created for the Indiana Department of Transportation, on how much money tolling would generate for the state, ignores current toll restrictions in state law.

The study found that there is an 85 percent chance toll revenue would exceed $39 billion from 2021 to 2050, if a statewide Interstate tolling program were implemented.

In our series on the Ports of Indiana, we’ve seen steel and manufacturing hubs on Lake Michigan and the Ohio River. Today, we go to Indiana’s truest river port – Mt. Vernon, outside Evansville. It’s the highest-traffic port in the system, helping move processed grain, coal, and more all around the world. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Annie Ropeik reports it’s also more susceptible than any other state port to the fallout from shifts in federal policy.

Northwest Indiana’s Lake Michigan port will get nearly $10 million from the federal government for infrastructure upgrades to boost its capacity.

The port of Burns Harbor is spending nearly $20 million total to add rail miles and railcar storage, truck handling facilities, dock space and a new cargo terminal. The U.S. Department of Transportation FASTLANE grant will contribute to that.

When you drive over a pothole in your neighborhood, you can report it to the city and hope they come fix it soon – or you can fix it yourself. At least, that’s what one Indianapolis man has been doing this year.

Michael Warren’s project, which he calls Open Source roads, reveals a lot about the different ways residents and governments try to care for their communities.

Brandon Smith, IPBS

The Indiana General Assembly is in the final weeks of the 2017 Session, and northwest Indiana lawmakers are busy working on passage of bills that they sponsored or co-sponsored as well as other measures, including funding for transportation improvements and a new two-year state budget. 

Times of Northwest Indiana's man at the Statehouse -- Dan Carden -- was on "Regionally Speaking" on Tuesday to offer an update on the important issues before legislators.  Here's the conversation.

Steven Lattimore / Lakeshore Public Radio

Women consumers are making their mark on the auto industry. No where is that move evident than at the Chicago Auto Show. One of the largest trends in the industry is that women impact 85 percent of the decisions about purchasing in the average house hold. As Steven Lattimore reports this means that if you are not paying attention to the needs of women you will not make the sales that move cars off the lots.

Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto show draws car enthusiasts from across the country to see the latest trends and innovations, Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore takes shows us how innovations in steel manufacturing means a better future for steel workers in Northwest Indiana.

House Democrats Unveil Road Funding Plan

Feb 6, 2017

House Democrats unveiled their road funding plan, billing it “No New Taxes.”

The House Republican roads plan uses fuel tax increases, new fees and tolling.

Lawmakers Confident In Hoosier State Rail Line Funding

Jan 27, 2017


As lawmakers grapple with funding the state’s roads and bridges, many communities don’t want them to forget another mode of transportation: rail. And Republican leaders say the Hoosier State Rail Line’s future in the next two-year state budget should be secure.

Lawmakers provided $6 million in the last two-year budget for the Hoosier State Line from Indianapolis to Chicago. The money came from a one-time source, the state’s tax amnesty program.

Lawmakers Don't Want Specific Projects in Roads Bill

Jan 16, 2017


Legislative leaders say naming too many specific infrastructure projects in this session’s road funding bill could be damaging.

Throughout the last year or so of the road funding debate, there are specific road projects that most agree the state should prioritize going forward – for instance, finishing Interstate 69 and making Interstate 70 and Interstate 65 three lines wide from border to border.

Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville) says he’s comfortable make those priorities clear.

Today:  Steve Coxhead, the president of the Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance, joins us to talk about the key passenger rail events and issues of 2016, mainly the public-private partnership for the "Hoosier State" Amtrak passenger rail service between Chicago and Indianapolis, and a look at a proposed passenger rail route that begins in Chicago, travels through Valparaiso and through points south and east to Ft. Wayne.  The route then extends into Ohio and ends at the state capital, Columbus.