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New claims for unemployment benefits have been steadily rising since mid-October. Economists say it’s further proof that COVID-19 – not government restrictions – is hurting the economy.

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Justin Hicks / IPB News

Indiana’s unemployment rate fell to 5 percent, continuing an encouraging downward trajectory since the start of the pandemic. But the number of people in the labor force is falling too – and that’s not a good sign.

Justin Hicks / IPB News

Historic spikes in unemployed workers has been one of the biggest stories to come out of the pandemic. Indiana was no exception to the trend. In response it’s doubled down on a program that helps workers not just recover their jobs, but maybe even get a better one. The state is now enlisting the help of community leaders to reach people who could benefit from the program most.

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The Department of Workforce Development says it's on track to begin issuing extra $300 payments to unemployed Hoosiers on Sept. 21. However, there are still many unemployed people who won’t get the federal Lost Wages Assistance funds.

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A group of Hoosiers are asking the state to address what they call “disconcerting problems” with the unemployment system. That’s from a letter they sent Gov. Eric Holcomb’s office Monday afternoon.

Courtesy Department of Workforce Development

More than 1 in 4 workers experienced unemployment last month in several Indiana counties. Data released Tuesday from the Department of Workforce Development shows which areas of the state were hit hardest.

Hoosiers By The Numbers

A little more than 30,000 Hoosiers applied for unemployment benefits last week as the economic impact of COVID-19 drags on. That adds to the quarter of a million people who continue to get unemployment benefits from the state.

Courtesy Gallup and Lumina Foundation

A recent report from Gallup and Indianapolis-based Lumina Foundation says workers with certifications have more stable and fulfilling jobs. Lumina says that insight could help inform the state’s re-employment services during the pandemic.

Weekly Unemployment Claims Numbers Continue to Fall

May 1, 2020
Hoosiers By The Numbers

About 57,000 Hoosiers were among the 3.8 million Americans who filed to receive unemployment benefits last week according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The trend is continuing downward since the state’s “Stay-At-Home” order in March.

Hoosiers By The Numbers

Roughly 75,000 Hoosiers were among the more than 4.4 million Americans who filled out an application for unemployment benefits last week. It represents a big decrease as initial claims have steadily fallen over the last three weeks.

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Regionally Speaking” host Chris Nolte talks to INVestEd's Bill Wozniak from Indianapolis to talk about the FAFSA deadline, student loan suspension as well as unemployment reskilling during the COVID-19 crisis. He offers guidance needed to complete the application for financial aid as well as tips on taking advantage of Indiana’s Next Level Jobs program to fund career training and find gainful employment.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Federal statistics show the number of people who have lost jobs in Indiana during the coronavirus outbreak has grown to at least 444,000.

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The country’s surge in unemployment continued another week with more than 6.5 million new applications for unemployment insurance. The state’s initial jobless claims are just under 134,000.

Justin Hicks / IPB News

Across the country, roughly almost 17 million workers filed for unemployment benefits in the last three weeks due to COVID-19. That includes more than 300,000 people from Indiana. If you lost your job, had hours cut back, or have to stay home due to illness or childcare, there’s a good chance you are eligible for unemployment insurance – money meant to help ends meet while you’re out of work. 


The Department of Workforce Development gave updates Wednesday on Facebook Live about how the federal CARES Act has changed unemployment insurance benefits for Hoosiers. More than 7,000 people tuned in online.

Justin Hicks / IPB News

Tens of thousands of Hoosiers lost their jobs almost overnight due to social distancing measures that help prevent COVID-19. The sheer amount and speed of layoffs are putting enormous strain on the unemployment insurance system in Indiana. It's leaving some wondering how the system works – and if it’s prepared to handle this crisis. 

Indiana jobless claims surged to 120,000 last week

Apr 1, 2020
Brandon Smith / IPB News

INDIANAPOLIS (The Times) — The state reports initial unemployment insurance claims surged to 120,331 in Indiana last week.

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A new federal law gives states the ability to open up their unemployment insurance benefits to self-employed workers. But it could take weeks before Indiana receives guidance on how to actually implement that change. 

Indiana finances take a big blow from coronavirus crisis

Mar 30, 2020
Lauren Chapman / IPB News

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana's finances are taking a major hit from the coronavirus crisis, and it just remains to be seen how big of a hit it will be.

Provided / Hoosiers By The Numbers

Nearly 3.3 million Americans filed to receive unemployment benefits last week, the most ever in one week according to the Department of Labor. That number includes almost 54,000 Hoosiers, as many businesses temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

At a hotel near the interstate in Elkhart, you might find Janet Reason serving drinks to business travelers in the lobby. She often starts up conversations with folks by asking what company they’re working with.

"The funny thing is when they say what company, I already know the HR’s [reps] name off the top of my head," Reason says.

Help For Celadon Employees After Company Files For Bankruptcy

Dec 10, 2019

Indianapolis-based trucking company Celadon announced it filed for bankruptcy, leaving nearly 4,000 employees without a job.  The announcement comes after two former Celadon executives were charged with fraud last week.

Driver Mike Duckett worked for the trucking company for almost a year.

"I’m sure there’s people who are in worse shape than I’m in, so my heart goes out to them," says Duckett, "I’m going to be ok."

After the announcement, many people posted social media reports of drivers stranded across the country.