Valpo Velvet

Let's Eat: Valpo Velvet

Jul 10, 2020

Join Chef Nick on Let's Eat! as he sits down with the ladies over at Valpo Velvet out of Valparaiso!

Let's Eat: Valpo Velvet

Mar 24, 2019

Join Chef Nick as he talks with Valpo Velvet on this edition of "Let's Eat."

They are a third-generation ice cream manufacturer located in Valparaiso Indiana we have been making ice cream since 1947. Herbert Brown of the university of Wisconsin, perfected the recipe of the gourmet ice cream his son Gordon Brown armed with the same degree continue to make Valpo velvet ice cream continuing the legacy. In 1997 Michael and Mark Brown remodeled the Polar introducing soups salads and sandwiches to the menu.

Let's Eat: Valpo Velvet

Mar 30, 2018

Come join Chef Nick as he talks to the experts on ice cream, Valpo Velvet, on this chilled edition of "Let's Eat"