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Voter Turnout Could Hit 50-Year Record For Midterm Elections

The 2018 elections could see the highest turnout for a midterm since the mid-1960s, another time of cultural and social upheaval. "It's probably going to be a turnout rate that most people have never experienced in their lives for a midterm election," Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida who studies turnout and maintains a turnout database , told NPR. McDonald is predicting that 45 to 50 percent of eligible voters will cast a ballot. That would be a level not seen since...

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Regionally Speaking With Chris Nolte

Regionally Speaking, Thursday, October 18, 2018

Today: This is Reporters' Roundtable Thursday and we talk to local reporters about their stories posted online and in print. Doug Ross of the "Times" covers the 2020 end of exemptions for property tax caps for Lake County taxpayers and the impact on local goverments, and Griffith town officials courting two neighboring townships. Greg Tejeda of the "Post-Tribune" has news on the Gary Common Council meeting on the 2019 budget, Gary-Chicago International Airport and ICE and bedbugs -- and ...

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2018 Midterm Elections

Midterms 2018: Take It To The House

Oct 18, 2018

No, this year’s elections aren’t presidential. But they’ve taken on a new resonance due to the strong backlash among Democrats to the policies of President Trump and his majority-Republican Congress.

In this show, we’re talking about the House of Representatives. (We know that you really want to talk about the Senate contest between Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz … and, okay, we probably will.)

Early voting begins on Monday in Florida and the election is happening as the Florida Panhandle is trying to recover from Hurricane Michael. Voters may now be casting their ballots based on how candidates responded to the storm, especially in the key races for Senate and governor.

Alexander Gonzalez (@alexgonz10) from WLRN reports.

This story is part of our Senate Tracker series, looking at Senate races across the country ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Check out all of our election coverage.

Republican candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn appears to have gotten a recent boost in the polls after her opponent in Tennessee’s Senate race, Democrat Phil Bredesen, said he would have supported Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, alienating some Democrats.

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Poll: Rural Americans Rattled By Opioid Epidemic; Many Want Government Help

Rural Americans are profoundly worried about the opioid crisis and their local economies and many are hoping government can help, according to a new poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. One-quarter of rural Americans say opioid and other drug abuse is the biggest problem that faces their local communities. A similar share, 21 percent, say economic concerns are the biggest problems in their areas. No other topic even comes close...

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40 years ago, horror fans were introduced to the masked killer Michael Myers, stalker of babysitters in a small Illinois town. The film was, of course, Halloween. And it was the debut of Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the bookish babysitter, Laurie Strode — the original "final girl" character who narrowly escapes the slaughter. Curtis appeared in three more sequels and even died in one. She thought she'd left that character behind.

Earl Robinson and his daughter Rebecca Robinson were co-producers for "The Color of Medicine." The documentary will premiere in Indianapolis this month. (Jill Sheridan/IPB News)
Jill Sheridan

An Indianapolis doctor is featured in a new documentary that highlights the history of an all-black hospital in St. Louis. Dr. Earl Robinson Jr.’s father was also a doctor – one of the first interns at the hospital. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Jill Sheridan sat down with Robinson to talk about the impact and significance of that hospital – the Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis – ahead of the Indianapolis screening of the "Color of Medicine." 

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