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Indiana Finance Authority OKs new Toll Road deal, rate hike

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The board of the Indiana Finance Authority unanimously approved a new deal Thursday with the vendor operating the Indiana Toll Road, allowing 35-percent fee increases for large trucks as part of Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb's plan to pump an additional $1 billion into infrastructure projects around the state. The rate hike takes effect Oct. 5 and the state would receive $400 million that same day from the Indiana Toll Road Concession Co. The rate increase applies to...

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Regionally Speaking With Chris Nolte

Purdue University Northwest

Regionally Speaking, Thursday, September 20, 2018

Today: On this Reporters' Roundtable Thursday, we talk with Kelley Smith with the LaPorte "Herald Argus" and Michigan City "News-Dispatch" about her stories posted online and in the print editions of the newspapers. They include her story of former FBI director James Comey's remarks as the first speaker of the 2018 Sinai Forum speakers' series at Purdue University Northwest. Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson has a report on an anti-bullying campaign. And we also have Gerry Dick of ...

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2018 Midterm Elections

GOP Indiana Senate candidate weighs in on Kavanaugh claims

Sep 19, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Indiana Senate candidate Mike Braun is weighing in on sexual misconduct allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Braun tweeted Tuesday that he supports Senate Judiciary committee Chairman Chuck Grassley's call to review the claims, which Braun characterized as "11th Hour" allegations against someone with a "sterling" record and "outstanding" personal reputation.

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Mike Braun, the Republican candidate for a crucial Senate seat in Indiana, often refers to his rival, Sen. Joe Donnelly, as "Sleepin' Joe" and has vowed to wake the vulnerable Democrat from his "siesta" on Election Day.

As both parties begin their final post-Labor Day sprint to Election Day, there are concrete signs that Democratic voters are fired up heading into the midterm elections.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the majority of states that have already held primaries. There's been massive increases in Democratic turnout while often a minimal uptick — or even noticeable dip — in turnout among Republican voters.

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FACT CHECK: 'Puerto Rico Was An Incredible, Unsung Success'?

Updated at 5 p.m. ET During an Oval Office briefing on preparations for Hurricane Florence, a reporter asked President Trump if there were lessons to be learned from the widely criticized FEMA response to Hurricane Maria last year in Puerto Rico. Trump's response? In short: Nothing to see here. "The job that FEMA and law enforcement and everybody did, working along with the Governor in Puerto Rico, I think was tremendous," Trump said in a lengthy answer that reprised his criticisms of the...

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The boys and girl's soccer playoff draw was revealed yesterday.  We will tell you who the ranked teams are playing in the first round.

The Bears are in first place in the NFC North Division.  The Packers lost.  Great time to be a Bears fan, isn't it?

And we will talk about a long time Chicago baseball announcer who ended his career yesterday.

Jill Biden Talks Biden Cancer Initiative

7 hours ago

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World Champion Arm Wrestler

7 hours ago

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