Former Andrean pitcher throws MLB no hitter

Apr 21, 2018

Maybe we should have seen this coming the last time Oakland pitcher Sean Manaea took the mound against Seattle early last week.  The Andrean high school grad gave up only two hits in seven innings work which odviously was impressive, but he would out-do himself Saturday night by pitching two more innings than his last outing.

He would also gave up two fewer hits.

Manaea pitched a no hitter against Boston becoming, at least to our knowledge, the first region high schooler to pitch a MLB no hitter (OK, if you can think of any one else, let us know).  Three reasons why Manaea's Saturday night was a true masterpiece.  One, he did it against a red hot Boston Red Sox batting order who had scored at least seven runs in their last four games, including blowing away the much hyped  Shohei Ohtani last Monday beating the Los Angeles Angels 10-1.  

Number two: he outdueled Chris Sale, one of the best pitchers in baseball.

And three:  he darn near came close to pitching a perfect game, walking only two while striking out ten.

Granted, a sixth inning  play reversal helped along the way, but if you don't complain about it, neither will we.

So, here's to you, Mr. Manaea.  Congragulations.