Outside The Senate Fight, GOP Contest Low-Key In Allen County

May 9, 2018

Indiana’s GOP field for November’s election appears to be in place.


Mike Braun won the three-man battle to unseat Joe Donnelly in the US Senate, earning 41.1 percent of the vote in Allen County over opponents Rep. Luke Messer (R-6th) and Rep. Todd Rokita (R-4th).


Despite the testy nature of the race, Allen County GOP chairman Steve Shine says he hopes the three can set aside their differences, and for Braun to have support as he now looks to take Donnelly’s seat.


“I am hoping not only the best for him, but unity on Thursday when President Trump and Vice President Pence join Mike Braun, and I hope the other two candidates, in Elkhart on Thursday afternoon to show some wide support for our ticket,” Shine said.


 Braun wasn’t Indiana’s only winner. Third District Rep. Jim Banks (R), though unopposed, officially earned the nomination to keep his congressional seat Tuesday night.


Shine is confident in Banks’s ability to defeat Democratic challenger Courtney Tritch, saying she’s “on the side” of the likes of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D).


“I don’t think that the folks from the 3rd District, the most conservative, most Republican congressional district in the State of Indiana are ready for that kind of politics,” Shine said.