Regionally Speaking, Thursday, November 2, 2017

Nov 2, 2017

Police are taking threats made about public school districts more seriously these days--one of the stories highlighted in today's Reporters Roundtable.
Credit Indiana Public Media

Today:  On this Reporter Roundtable Thursday, we'll hear from Marc Chase, Rob Earnshaw and Carmen McCollum from the "Times of Northwest Indiana" and Meredith Colias from the "Post-Tribune" about the stories they worked on and got into print and online in recent days. 

The topics range from Meredith's story on the concerns that northwest Indiana school districts have about threats made on social media against students and others, and how to deal with them -- to Rob's  latest about the sewage issues at Doubletree Lake Estates subdivision on Winfield and his story on the first public comments made by Thomas Kirsch, the new U.S. Attorney for Northern Indiana -- to Carmen's stories about outstanding teachers, administrators and programs at Lake Ridge New Tech Middle School and Grimmer Middle School -- to Marc's latest investigative report about the Lake County Jail excessive overtime issue.