U.S. President Candidate Hillary Clinton Discusses Protecting the Steel Industry in Hammond

Apr 27, 2016

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton visited Munster Steel, on a campaign stop during her 2016 campaign.
Credit Sharon Jackson / Lakeshore Public Radio

U.S. President candidate Hillary Clinton is touring Indiana ahead of the May 3rd primary and made a stop in Northwest Indiana.

She visited Munster Steel in Hammond on Tuesday afternoon (4/26) where she discussed her support for the steel industry and protecting the middle class.

Clinton aims to reward companies for investing in America and collect from the ones who reap the benefits of tax breaks and then leave.

 Clinton says trade agreements contribute to companies moving overseas, but it’s also caused by corporate capitalism, by activists shareholders and by company CEOs who don’t put their workers; long-term success and profitability ahead of their own bonuses. Clinton says she will stand up to CEO’s in the U.S. and in China.