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Today:   The president of the Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association, Dave Miller, joins us to talk about a recent visit to Capitol Hill to meet with Indiana's congressional delegation about needed housing finance reforms.  Miller feels that some reforms could be enacted before the end of the year.

Beth Mosher of the Chicagoland AAA will bring us the Independence Day travel forecast -- on the highways, on the rails and in the skies.  She says more Americans than ever are expected to travel during the July 4th holiday.

Town of Munster

John Cain, host of "Eye on the Arts," talks with Barb Holighter and Donna Chant of the Munster Parks Department, about the Grape Escape taking place on Saturday, July 15th.

Federal housing officials will hold a public hearing Monday night on plans to tear down a lead-contaminated public housing complex in East Chicago. The demolition plan got federal environmental approval last month, but residents want a chance to raise concerns.

Residents from the West Calumet Housing Complex area wrote to the Department of Housing and Urban Development this month. They asked for a public hearing and more time to comment on the demolition plan.



   Family and friends in the town of Demotte are tired of dealing with the problem of dangerously outdated park so they are raising money to build a new park.

  As Steven Lattimore reports Spencer Park holds a special place in the hearts of residents.


Brandon Smith, IPBS News

Today:  It's Reporters Roundtable Thursday, where we ask reporters from northwest Indiana media to talk about their stories of recent days.  This week we have Bob Kasarda, Joseph Pete and Dan Carden with the Times of Northwest Indiana, Jon Gard of the LaPorte Herald Argus and Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore.

Sarah Fentem / Side Effects Public Media

Two of the four insurers currently offering plans on Indiana’s Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace announced Wednesday they were pulling their plans next year, citing uncertainty surrounding the future of Obamacare and volatility in the market.

GARY - Gary's new anti-dumping campaign called “All Eyes on You" will use cameras to watch for illegal dumping and will shame the worst offenders. Lakeshore Public Radio’s Steven Lattimore has more.

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Today: We find out more about Thursday afternoon's 10th Annual Diversity Business Job Fair and Symposium, to be held at Avalon Manor in Merrillville.  The event is free and open to the public.  The event coordinator is "Times" classified ad manager Roxanne Olejnik. 

Indiana’s ports system hopes a new contractor will help bring more bulk cargo than ever into Burns Harbor on Lake Michigan.

Metro Ports is a stevedoring company. It helps manage how cargo gets off- and on-loaded and distributed at 27 ports in 10 states, including huge facilities at Long Beach, California and Seattle-Tacoma, Washington.

Burns Harbor will be the company’s first Great Lakes operation when it takes over the bulk cargo terminal next month.

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HAMMOND - Local environmental organizations are partnering to protect the water quality and cleanliness of the lake.  Michael Spinar [spin-ARR], Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plan Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, says IDEM runs the program with a big-picture perspective in mind.

GARY - An eight-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy are the victims of a drive by shootings in Gary. As Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore reports, the community wants answers.


Star Plaza Theatre

Speros Batistatos, President and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, came on "Regionally Speaking" on Tuesday to offer his thoughts on the final closing and demolition next year of the Star Plaza Theatre. 

The theatre's owner, Merrillville-based White Lodging, announced last week that the facility as well as the Twin Towers office complex on the site at U.S. 30 and I-65 would be torn down to make way for future development.  Speros was with us when the initial announcement was made last year for closing and demolition -- a decision that was later delayed.

Star Plaza Theatre

Today: a conversation with Speros Batistatos, President and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, on some summertime "stay-cation" ideas  -- making short trips to places here in northwest Indiana -- and his thoughts on the decision to close and demolish the Star Plaza Theatre after its final performances in December. 

Gary- The end of the Civil War meant the end of slavery for most people but in Texas slavery was not abolished officially until two years later in 1865.  The commeoration of  this date is called Juneteenth. Lake Shore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore has the story of a local Juneteenth celebration. 

Hammer Financial Group

A 2017 survey from T. Rowe Price that analyzed parent attitudes and behaviors associated with youngsters' financial habits showed that positive money behaviors "rubbed off" onto their offspring.   Conversely, troubling financial habits were often found when parents had a troubling history with money.

Northwest Indiana-based advisor Greg Hammer came on "Regionally Speaking" on Monday to talk about that survey and offered some common-sense tips that can establish positive habits and minimize the negative ones.

City of Valparaiso website

Today: A conversation with Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas on why the City Council deferred action on a request to rescind the city's $25 a year vehicle "wheel tax" in favor of a state wheel tax plan.

Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore attended a recent Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce meeting where the head of a Florida-based bridge construction company talked about the new Cline Avenue bridge.  He also talked to East Chicago residents and motorists who are glad that the new bridge will be built soon but not about the $2.50 toll that'll be charged to travel on it.

city of valparaiso website

We've made it through one summer heat wave, but more are on the way so Valparaiso city officials are reminding residents without air conditioning or with with inadequate cooling about the city's cooling centers -- open when the heat index reaches 100 degrees for consecutive days:

John Cain, host of "Eye on the Arts," talks with Jean Bargeron, about the onging Duneland Plein Air Painters, Exhibit at the Brauer Museum of Art at Valparaiso University, running until August 6.

East Chicago - The news of a new Cline Avenue bridge has some Northwest Indiana residents happy about the new road, but not happy that it will be a toll road. Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore has the story.

East Chicago - Since the closure and demolition of the Cline Avenue bridge residents have lost more than just a short cut to the casino's they lost a vital transportation link that has impacted economic development in the area. A new bridge is in the works and Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore has an update.

Highland-According to the Pew Research Center as of 2010, there were an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.The Muslim celebration of Ramadan is being observed by worshipers world wide and here in Northwest Indiana. Lakeshore Public radio's Steven Lattimore talked to two local Muslim's from the Crown Point and Illianna mosques to get a better understanding of the celebration of Ramadan.


White lodging has and announced the decision to demolish the historic Star Plaza theatre along with the adjacent Twin Towers. Lakeshore Public Radio's Dan Clark spoke with White Lodging spokeswoman  Felicia Joy about the decision.

After public outcry ultimately saved the Star Plaza Theatre from demolition, White Lodging today announced the iconic theatre along with the adjacent twin towers will be torn down. The the company now plans to tear down the Star Plaza Theatre and the twin towers after a final show with the Oak Ridge Boys in December. White Lodging plans to move forward with a new development plan for the site. 

Indiana Transportation Museum To Sue Port Authority

Jun 16, 2017

The Indiana Transportation Museum will sue the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority and the cities of Noblesville and Fishers for money lost when it was was ordered to close an historic stretch of track.

On one side, the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority and the cities of Noblesville and Fishers are concerned the Indiana Transportation Museum doesn’t have enough money to keep its tracks in working order. City officials from Noblesville and Fishers want to see the Nickel Plate tracks transformed into trails.

Sharon Jackson / Lakeshore Public Radio

HAMMOND - People were given the opportunity to learn about water quality in Lake Michigan on an educational boat tour Tuesday.  

The tour was aboard the W.G. Jackson Research Vessel, which is part of the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute at Grand Valley State University in Muskegon, Michigan.  

Research Scientist Dr. Janet Vail said the guests would learn about water and would have an opportunity to take part in the day's study.

On this edition of "Lakeshore Update," we'll hear from Sharon Jackson as she talks with State Representative Charlie Brown and what he's doing to end food deserts, and Steven Lattimore reports on what one local group is doing to make sure that kids don't go hungry this summer. Jill Sheridan reports on how having a parent in jail can impact the child's health, and you'll hear from Chris Nolte and his conversation with Julie Giorgi of "Promise Porter County." All of that and more, on this edition of Lakeshore Update.

Figg Bridge Partners

Today: It's Reporters Roundtable, when we ask members of the northwest Indiana and Indiana media to talk about the stories they worked on this week.  On this edition of the Roundtable are Greg Tejeda of the Post-Tribune, Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore, Indiana Public Broadcasting's Eric Weddle and INside Indiana Business host Andy Ober.

Indiana Public Media

GARY - State Representative Charlie Brown is working toward putting an end to food deserts in Indiana.

"I am in the process of writing a letter to Jewel/Osco that says 'why not Gary, Indiana?  I'm in the process of sending a letter to CVS saying 'fill that void being left by Walgreens.  You can make money off of the city of Gary by locating within the corporate limits of Gary.'"

University of Notre Dame

Today:  A conversation with Julie Giorgi of "Promise Porter County."  Beginning this coming school year, the seven Porter County school districts are going to participate in a joint effort to give the families of first-graders an opportunity to be able to save for college, vocational or trade school or other post-secondary educational facility.

Marc Malczewski, Lake County Highway Department Director, joins us to give us an update on all of the major road resurfacing and improvement projects that are underway -- will be starting soon -- or are planned for the summer months.

Promise Indiana website

Beginning this coming school year, the seven Porter County school districts are going to participate in a joint effort to give the families of first-graders an opportunity to be able to save for college, vocational or trade school or other post-secondary educational facility.