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Indiana Dunes National Park to charge entrance fee to fund trail, parking upgrades

National Park Service

The Indiana Dunes National Park will soon be charging an entrance fee. Starting March 31, it'll cost $15 per person or $25 per vehicle to enter the park.

The National Park Service says the money will be used to help fund the Marquette Greenway Trail, along with improvements to parking, transportation and visitor services. In a statement, Park Superintendent Paul Labovitz calls it "a positive step to keep the park accessible, safe and vibrant for all," while meeting visitors' increasing needs. Attendance has almost doubled at the Indiana Dunes National Park since its official name change three years ago.

Park passes will be available for purchase at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center, the Paul H. Douglas Center and the West Beach Entrance Station. There are also plans to make them available at local gas stations and other retailers.

Those who pass through the park without stopping — on roads, bike trails, or by water — will not have to pay.