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Artist Liz Mares: Line Wizard


Local artist, Liz Mares joins the air waves inside Lakeshore studios with "On the Radar" host, Sarah Opat. 

The two ladies break down the process of creation, growth, and how to evolve as an artist.

Mares currently works as her own boss from home in downtown Highland. She's an abstract artist, aesthetician, and friend of mother nature.

"For the past two years, Liz has been a walking/talking inspiration for art, female empowerment, and bold encouragement to keep creating." says friend, Sarah Opat.

"The first time I met Liz I instantly had questions as to how she became the woman she is -- Strong, bold, and empowering.

Ever since stepping foot in her studio/home/work place she has allowed me to learn.

Liz increases my interest in books, music (Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath), and challenges me to find new outlets of creation." said Opat.


Write up:

Liz Mares catches one’s attention. From angles to curves, an endless sky of harmony blinks before us.

A bilingual master of both organic and geometrical shapes. Swirling doodles leave their past lives, teaming up with hard edged geometrics that become the jungle of Mares’ mind.

This line wizard hums a new tune of truth we can all understand. Her wand takes various forms including: paintbrush, pen, fingertips, words, and more to come. Connecting one line to the next, Mares allows us viewers to take off our shoes and stay awhile to wander in her reality. Impressed and immersed in the orbiting, shifting, space twisting aspects of what is Liz Mares.

An adventurous, gypsy carriage lovin’, bad to the bone (or line) soul. Liz Mares waters her garden of solitude with self expression. Her art penetrates beneath the skin. Quite literally. Mares works as an aesthetician inside her cozy, eclectic home. The organic flow present within her doodles make way onto the shelves of her skin products used on clients. Naturally and organically changing the foundation of skin for the better. Something we all have (seemed to overlook). Considering us humans are aging and facing the wind of the region, skin health is important. Liz was able to give me an appreciation for the skin that blankets my soul. Starting with learning how to take care of my skin.

From canvas’ to human flesh, Liz Mares leaves a geometric fingerprint within the world of contemporary artwork. As we all ride this planet caravan, we too often pass by what connects us the most: our fellow stars.

– Sarah Opat, NYCH Gallery (Writer)


Find more art by Liz Mares on her personal website: http://lizmares.com/

Purchase: https://www.saatchiart.com/lizmares






To arrange a studio visit or for inquiries, special projects,
purchases please use Agent information below:

Ruth Crnkovich
Chicago, IL
t: +1 219 313 9960
e: rcrnkovich@gmail.com








The name is Sarah Opat. She produces and hosts Lakeshore Public Radio segment, "On the Radar" on 89.1 FM.
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