All IN: COVID-19 Update

Aug 6, 2020

Credit The National Guard / Flickr

Indiana’s schools are starting to reopen, in a variety of ways. And although the state’s reopening plan was put on pause, it's nearing the end of its timeline. But the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely not over.

We talk to a panel of health experts about the current state of the pandemic, and how the state government, and Hoosiers, have responded so far. And we find out how to understand data about the pandemic, with an expert who specializes in epidemiology and informatics.

Produced by Drew Daudelin.


Shandy Dearth
Director of Undergraduate Epidemiology Education, IUPUI School of Public Health

Josh Vest
Associate Professor, Director for the Center for Health Policy, IUPUI School of Public Health

Brian Dixon
Director of Public Health Informatics, Regenstrief Institute; Associate Professor of Epidemiology, IUPUI School of Public Health