All IN: Crisis Coverage: How Shrinking Newsrooms Are Covering A Pandemic

Apr 7, 2020

Credit Best Picko / Flickr

The media has been deemed an essential business, but it doesn’t mean the industry is immune from economic fallout. When newsrooms are faced with shrinking staffs, what does that mean for news coverage? And what are the consequences?

Today we talk to a reporter from the Indianapolis Star about the impact furloughs are having on their newsroom. The editor of the Indianapolis Recorder talks about the value of local coverage in a time of crisis. And we talk about the lasting impact the pandemic could have on the media landscape.

Produced by Maggie Gelon.


Ryan Martin
Investigative reporter, The Indianapolis Star

Oseye Boyd
Editor, Indianapolis Recorder 

Gerry Lanosga
Associate Professor, The Media School, Indiana University