All IN: Telehealth And COVID-19 Testing

Sep 3, 2020

Credit ILO Asia-Pacific / Flickr

Indiana University is one of many institutions that have had to figure out how to conduct large scale COVID-19 testing for students on its campuses. On arrival, around one percent of students tested positive. We talk to a public health official there about how they've been tracking the virus since.

The pandemic also created a sudden and growing need for telehealth--health care services provided over the phone or webcam. We talk about the challenges and benefits of treating patients remotely. 

And a new federal order bars evictions for most renters until the end of the year. We ask a legal expert what it means for people in Indiana.

Produced by Drew Daudelin.


Graham McKeen
Assistant University Director of Public and Environmental Health, Indiana University

Max Maile
Director of Virtual Health, Parkview Health

Brandon Beeler
Director of Housing Law Center, Indiana Legal Services