April is Parenting Awarness Month, Indiana

Apr 19, 2018

Logo from the Indiana Parenting Institute. April is Parenting Awareness Month Indiana. (PAMI)
Credit Indiana Parenting Institute / Indiana Parenting Institute

GARY - April is Parenting Awareness Month Indiana and local organization, the Indiana Parenting Institute uses the occasion to help educate and support people in the critical task of parenting.  

Jena Bellezza, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Branding for the local chapter in Gary says Parenting Awareness Month is about drawing people's attention to parenting and the challenges that it presents.

On it's website, IPI has a page called "relive the moment," on which it places videos, pictures and recaps of various kinds from the organization's events, Bellezza says.  Anyone interested in IPI's past events can scroll the page and view the presentations from previous events all the way back to 2012.