Counties Want Out Of New Indiana Abortion Lawsuit

May 2, 2018

Three Indiana county prosecutors don’t want to defend the state’s new anti-abortion law against a suit brought by Planned Parenthood.

The new law requires all doctors, hospitals, and clinics to report abortion complications to the state. Planned Parenthood sued, arguing the law is unconstitutionally vague.

Four counties are listed in the lawsuit – Lake, Marion, Monroe, and Tippecanoe – because there are Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in each. The prosecutors in the first three – all Democrats – say they want off the case.

In a statement, the prosecutors say the law appears unconstitutional and they don’t want to devote resources to defending it.

The other parties in the suit, including the State Department of Health and the Medical Licensing Board, will remain a part of the case.

This is the seventh lawsuit since 2011 challenging Indiana anti-abortion statutes. Federal courts have ruled against the state in the first six.