IMS Adopts 'Goggles Test' To Help Evaluate Concussions

May 21, 2018

A new test to determine if drivers have suffered a concussion is now required at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

The so-called "goggle test" was recently approved by the FDA.

The I-Portal Portable Assessment System, or I-PAS looks a lot like a virtual reality device. The eye tracking computer test adds to INDYCAR’s concussion evaluation protocol says INDYCAR medical director Geoffrey Billows.   

"A little more accuracy and sensitivity to our evaluation and to help us perhaps diagnose concussions that may have a more subtle presentation," says Billows. 

The test tracks eye movements as well as physical and hearing responses after a driver has been in an incident.  

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INDYCAR was involved in the FDA investigation process.  Billows says thanks to other advancements, racecar drivers are actually well-protected from concussions.

"With all the safety improvements that have been made to helmet design, personal protective gear design, the car design, the track design, fortunately we see very few concussions," says Billows. 

The testing could be a useful tool for other sports players who may be susceptible to concussions.