Indiana Gubernatorial Candidates Outline Views On Abortion

Sep 24, 2020

From left to right, Gov. Eric Holcomb, Dr. Woody Myers and Donald Rainwater - the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian candidates for governor.
Credit Alan Mbathi / IPB News

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have huge implications for the future of reproductive rights and access to abortion.

Indiana's candidates for governor each weighed in on the controversial issue this week.

Indiana anti-abortion advocates have pushed legislation for years that would ban and criminalize all abortions in the state. Justice Ginsburg’s death will likely only fuel that push.

Gov. Eric Holcomb said he’s opposed to abortions, except when it would endanger the life of the pregnant person.

“That I’ll leave to the doctor to decide, from a medical standpoint,” Holcomb said.

Democratic candidate Dr. Woody Myers said it’s important for women to have the conversation about abortion with their doctor and their clergy.

“But it’s a decision that I think that the state of Indiana should stay out of,” Myers said.

Libertarian Donald Rainwater said it’s unlikely a total abortion ban would ever reach the governor’s desk - but said he’d probably sign it if it did.

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