Lakeshore Sports for 2-15-18

Feb 15, 2018

The high school wrestling state all academic team was announced yesterday.  Yes, Chesterton's Lucus Davison was a part of it (is there anything that kid can't do)?

A Highland Trojan comes thisclose to getting  a double double in a Trojan win last night.

There are a few things IU hasn't done well this year in college basketball but they won last night.  Can't say the same about Valpo U though. All of the above, plus, a pictorial salute to a swimming state champion who is a future guest on Prep Sports Report (who, by the way, is a pretty good student as well.  Let's just say she has more A's than Oakland).

Why are these two smiling? Let's just say that last weekend was very good to Munster junior swimmer Kay Foley and her coach Mat Pavlovich. Foley became the first Munster girl's swimmer to win an individual state title since 1983 when she took the 500 free style in last Saturday's girl's state meet. Consider this a heads up: both Foley and Pavlovich are future guests on Lakeshore Television's Prep Sports Report (Thursday, 7:30).

That's what we're talking about today.