Low Cut Connie: Pushes the Envelope in the World of Rock 'n Roll

May 2, 2017

Lead singer and pianist Adam Weiner for Low Cut Connie

Lakeshore's Sarah Opat gets on the line with front man and piano player Adam Weiner from Philadelphia rock 'n roll band Low Cut Connie. The rock group radiates a sound strangers can nod their head to.

Rolling Stone recently described Low Cut Connie's new single: "If the New York Dolls had done a session with Jerry Lee Lewis it'd sound a lot like the Philadelphia rocker's new one - a political anthem drunkenly teetering on plat from heels."

Low Cut Connie is known and worshiped for serving up wild live performances across the U.S. on tour. Lead singer and piano player, Adam Weiner, shares personal stories about the band and how he got his start in music.

The passionate fans of Low Cut Connie include Barack Obama after adding song "Boozophilia" to his Spotify playlist. Catch the band on the road. They're known for blowing away the fans at all live shows. Each live performance will knock your stinky socks off.

Raw and brand new songs featured in this interview:





Find more Low Cut Connie tunes here:http://lowcutconnie.com/

Also featured in the interview:


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Low Cut Connie also tweets and spits out cool concert pics on their Instagram. Find 'em. Love 'em.

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