Newly Formed Safety Coalition Highlights Drug Abuse Program

Jun 7, 2017

A group of current and former inmates from Dearborn County Jail talked about their experiences in the Jail Chemical Addictions Program. (Photo by Drew Daudelin)

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill says the state’s treatment options for drug addiction are inadequate. Now he’s formed a coalition of government, healthcare and law enforcement leaders to make the case for reform.

A group of current and former inmates from Dearborn County Jail spoke at the Public Safety Coalition’s first meeting Wednesday afternoon.

One of them, a 33-year-old named Adam, talked about his experience in the jail’s rehab program, called the Jail Chemical Addictions Program, or JCAP.

“Getting arrested saved my life. Not getting a bond saved my life. Not being able to leave this program saved my life," Adam said. "I think it is vital.”

Attorney General Curtis Hill says he formed the coalition to give a voice to law enforcement around the state.

“This is a free society. We need to have accountability for all of our behavior. We certainly want to be able to provide opportunities for people to help themselves, but first and foremost we have to keep people safe,” Hill says.

Hill says the coalition and its members will meet regularly, then present to groups – including the General Assembly – to push for the expansion of programs like JCAP.