Primary Victories Bolster Republicans' Defense Of Gas Tax Hike

May 22, 2018

Two Republican primary candidates were attacked for their votes last year to raise the state’s gas tax. They both won their races.

And legislative leaders say those results affirm their support for the 2017 gas tax legislation.

Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun – a former state lawmaker – and Rep. Jim Baird (R-Greencastle), the 4th Congressional district’s Republican nominee, weathered significant attacks for their votes to raise the state’s gas tax by 10 cents.

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) says their victories confirm what he says he knew all along.

“Hoosiers support more funding for roads, even if a gas tax is required to do it,” Bosma says.

Democrats are now beginning their attacks. But Rep. Ed Soliday (R-Valparaiso), who was lead author of the road funding bill – says he and his Republican colleagues are bolstered by this month’s results.

“We’re polling. The polling is still showing very positive – north of 50 percent – support," Soliday says. "You can only let the roads go so long.”

Only eight of 70 House Republicans voted against the gas tax increase.