Rapid Outreach Amplified Response Helpline Helps with Homelessness Among Other Issues Amid COVID-19

Apr 29, 2020

MUNSTER - People who are experiencing a wide range of problems amid the Coronavirus Pandemic now have another source of help with the Rapid Outreach Amplified Response Helpline.

Dr Kalyani Gopal says the helpline came about after discussions with professionals from several organizations including Continuum of Care, Marram Health Care and the Gary Health Department.

The helpline provides information about screening and COVID-19 test sites, food assistance, senior care, spiritual care, education assistance, information about resources and help with homelessness.

Gopal says Continuum of Care is trying to help house people who have been impacted by COVID-19, especially if they can't isolate at home.

"It's almost impossible for a family, most people think of a family as a single unit," Gopal says.  "Single units means a lot of things to different people, different things to different people, for example a single unit family with one bedroom or two bedrooms with six children and parents and another person perhaps living there, perhaps a grandparent living there, is very very crowded and if you ask them to isolate from one another it's almost next to impossible."

The Rapid Outreach Amplified Response Helpline number is 219 200-0003.