Regionally Speaking, Monday, April 8, 2019

Apr 8, 2019

Steve Coxhead of the Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance has an update on efforts to see that state funding for Amtrak's "Hoosier State" and "Cardinal" Indiana passenger service is in the next 2-year budget.
Credit Amtrak/Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance

Today:   We learn from Steve Coxhead, the president of the Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance, about the efforts to keep Amtrak's "Hoosier State" and "Cardinal" services running for the immediate future, since there is no state funding set aside in the next two-year budget.  Coxhead says Amtrak is aware of the funding situation and could take steps within 90 days to suspend service, if nothing is resolved.  We also talk to Dan Klein with the Shared Ethics Advisory Commission about getting campaigning local government candidates to sign a pledge of support on ethics issues, and a one-day conference on human trafficking is to be held at Purdue Northwest's Westville campus on Thursday.  We talk with Professor Pamela Saylor and two students about it.