Regionally Speaking, Monday, November 5, 2018

Nov 5, 2018

Today's "Regionally Speaking" features conversations with the candidates for Indiana House D15 and Lake County Council D7.

Today:   On this pre-Election Day program we feature conversations with the candidates in two of the races on the Lake County Nov. 6th general election ballot.  First, we hear from the candidates for House District 15 -- Republican incumbent Hal Slager and his Democratic challenger Chris Chyung.  Both were in the Lakeshore Public Radio studios.  And then, in alphabetical order and in separate phone conversations, the candidates for Lake County Council District 7 -- Republican Christian Jorgensen and Democrat Phil Kuiper. 

We get the latest on statewide early voting, and Indiana Public Broadcasting's Brandon Smith files a report on Sunday's SRO rally at the Genesis Center in Gary for U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly featuring former President Barack Obama.