Regionally Speaking, Monday, September 14, 2020

Sep 14, 2020

Northwest Indiana activist Ruth Needleman is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about recent events at Gary Common Council and Redevelopment Commission, immigration issues involving Gary-Chicago International Airport and an important historical anniversary in U.S.-South American affairs.
Credit Lakeshore Public Radio


Today:   Northwest Indiana activist Ruth Needleman is with us to talk about issues involving city government in Gary, including decisions about the city's community benefits agreement ordinance and the purchase and redevelopment of the city's North Gleason Golf Course. She also asks the question: what are they hiding at the Gary-Chicago International Airport, when it comes to issues surrounding immigration flights?  Purdue University assistant professor of physics and astronomy Dan Milisavjevic talks about his groundbreaking research into supernovas and supernova remnants and what is being done in the laboratories on the West Lafayette campus.  Some of the work involves cutting-edge virtual reality technology that may someday be available to the general public.