Regionally Speaking, Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jun 21, 2018

A Lake County primary election race goes to recount -- then decided when a candidate concedes. That's one of the stories discussed on Reporters' Roundtable today

Today:    On this Reporters' Roundtable Thursday, we bring on "Times of Northwest Indiana" reporters Bill Dolan and Joseph Pete, to talk about the stories they worked on and presented in print and online for the newspaper.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson also joins us with her conversation with Christian Jorgensen, the Republican Party candidate who won the 7th District County Council nomination after a recount of votes. 

Incumbent Councilman Eldon Strong conceded the race to Jorgensen, after a court-appointed commission reviewed the ballots and confirmed Jorgensen's vistory by just two votes.