Regionally Speaking, Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mar 12, 2020

Deb Stempowski with the U.S. Census Bureau talks about this year's decennial count of Americans on "Regionally Speaking." Beginning March 12th, invitations will go out into the U.S. Mail, asking for responses either online, by phone or in the mail. The invitations are addressed to "Resident" at all households. Deb's comments join those of reporter Meredith Colias-Pete with the "Post-Tribune" on today's program.

Today: The U.S. Census Bureau begins mailing invitations to all Americans this month to respond to the once-a-decade population count that is so important.  Deb Stempowski has an overview of the 2020 Census and how to respond by mail, by phone or through the Internet.

"Post-Tribune" reporter Meredith Colias-Pete joins us to talk about the stories she put out in print and online, including an update on the local impact of the coronavirus outbreak.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson talked to the Ravinia Festival's Welz Kauffman about the 2020 season and about the artists who will perform at the annual event. And we bring back our conversation about the upcoming Indiana University Northwest "Yes To College" public information meetings on March 17th, 19th and 23rd in Gary.