Regionally Speaking, Thursday, October 3, 2019

Oct 3, 2019

"Post-Tribune" reporter Carole Carlson took this photo of Roosevelt College and Career Academy history teacher John King with students in his classroom inside a garage bay at the Gary Area Career Center. Carole covered the Indiana state Board of Education meeting and visit to the schools and talked about her story on "Regionally Speaking."
Credit Carole Carlson, Post-Tribune/Chicago Tribune

Today:  On  this Reporters' Roundtable Thursday, we talk with Carole Carlson with the "Post-Tribune" about her recent stories in print and online. They include comments from the president of Gary Common Council about incidents involging a stolen vehicle (his), some teenagers and an East Chicago police investigation.  Carole also has details on the state Board of Education visit on Wednesday to Gary and some passionately angry Gary residents voicing their conerns about the consdition of public school buildings in the city. Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson talks with a recipient of a "Woman of the Year in STEM" award.

We also bring back our conversations with "Post-Tribune" reporter Hannah Reed about birth rates in northwest Indiana, with "Times" reporter Giles Bruce on local healthcare costs and the high price of insulin for dibetics, and our in-studio conversation with Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter.