Regionally Speaking, Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sep 22, 2020

IYI president-CEO Tami Silverman is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about concerns that Hoosier children aren't getting enough to eat, since the pandemic disrupted school lunches. Lake Area United Way chief Lisa Daugherty also brings us up-to-date on several projects.

Today:  We talk with Indiana Youth Institute president and CEO Tami Silverman about her latest column topic: keeping Hoosier children healthy by feeding as well as we can during the coronavirus pandemic, when schools aren't able to help as much as in the past. Lake Area United Way president-CEO Lisa Daugherty is also with us to bring us up-to-date on programs that help working families-in-need in Lake County during the COVID crisis.  We have another conversation from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University and the second part of Indiana Public Broadcasting's Ella Abbott's two-part series on "Sundown Towns" in Indiana: how the past is affecting present day life in those communities.