Regionally Speaking, Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Nov 10, 2021


Today:  Ahead of Veterans' Day, we talk with Veterans Health Administration Chief of Staff Jon Jensen  about how the VHA's evolved over its 75-year history to meet the unique healthcare needs of veterans from every era as well as contribute to medical advances that help them.  He says many private sector physicians and healthcare workers got their professional start with the VA.  Forty-seven billion dollars in the federal infrastructure bill just signed by the President will go to make U.S. communities more resilient to natural events like flooding, drought, and extreme heat. The White House says it's the largest such investment in American history. Indiana Public Broadcasting's Rebecca Thiele speaks with an IUPUI researcher about the impact of the measure.  Later, a Purdue University mechanical engineering professor and his team is working on a way to -- perhaps -- eliminate air conditioning on buildings in warm-weather climates forever.  The solution is with a whiter-than-white paint.