Saluting America's Heroes for Memorial Day Weekend 2017

May 26, 2017

This edition of “A LOOK AT THE ARTS with Tom Lounges” originally aired on FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017


Dedicated to All Who Died In The Line Of Duty.

There are no celebrity guests on this program, just "A Look At The Arts" host Tom Lounges and "All Things Considered" host Dan Clark playing songs in tribute to the fighting forces of the U.S.A. and our domestic heroes who rescue and protect citizens within our borders.

Memorial Day Weekend is ALL about the American Heroes who have suffered and died for the sake of this country and its people, and that includes our police officers, firefighters and all first responders, who walk into the unknown without hesitation to serve and protect when "we the people" call upon them.

This program honors those amazing people who have worn the various uniforms deserving of our undying respect and thanks -- through music.   This program features songs of loss, songs of hope, songs for and about Heroes -- by such artists as: Billy Ray Cyrus,  Eddie Bush, Trace Adkins, Dennis DeYoung, Aaron Tippin, Charlie Daniels, Chely Wright, and Chely Wright.    

Please listen, remember the fallen, and celebrate the many sacrifices of all those who have served our nation with honor so that the chimes of freedom can ring.   

God Bless and Keep America's Heroes!