Twenty Seven Businesses in LaPorte County to Receive Lifeline Grant

Jul 22, 2020

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Credit LaPorte County

LAPORTE COUNTY - The LaPorte County Commission is giving 27 small businesses a lifeline grant from Phase 1 of the COVID-related LaPorte County Action Fund.

This program is funded by a grant LaPorte County applied for from the State of Indiana’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

President of the LaPorte County Commissioners Sheila Matias, announced on Wednesday that final approval had been received.

"We were able to secure a $250,000 grant from the State of Indiana's Office of Community and Rural Affairs and through a process developed here and approved by the state, we have been able to distribute what we call Lifeline grants to these small businesses when they really need it the most,"  Matias says.  "This has been a tough time for everyone but small businesses is the backbone of our economy has really taken a hard hit, so this will save 144 permanent jobs that are operating these 27 local businesses, they'll stay in LaPorte County keeping those wages in the pockets of our families and circulating through our local economy."  

The grant team was made up of both state and county elected officials, appointed board members and county staff who worked together.

Some of the companies receiving grant funds in the first round include Immediate Movers, Blackjack Pines Inc, Sweet Lou, Reliable Cars Sales Inc, Transitions Equestrian Center and Duneland Hospitality Inc. and many others that will receive an amount that will allow them to keep operating, according to Matias.

"The grants are between $5,000 and $10,000 for each of the 27 businesses," Matias says.
LaPorte County leadership has authorized the submittal of a Phase 2 round grant application.  If successful, the County would be able to assist an additional 20-30 businesses.  As soon as phase 2 grant funds become available, application and process will be posted at the LaPorte County website.