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nwi oilmen

The Oilmen had a chance to punch their ticket to the Midwest Collegiate League baseball finals last night.  A win over Southland would give NWI a series sweep. Meanwhile the Railcats were going for their ninth straight win and a chance to run the table in their seven game road trip.  The good news is that the Cats got some great pitching.  The bad news......(sorry, no spoiler alert).

And pro football returns tonight.

All of the above will be discussed right here.

nwi oilmen

It was a great Thursday for the Oilmen and for hockey fans throughout the region. We will explain.


Lakeshore Sports 219

Jul 27, 2018
Lakeshore Radio

The Stanley Cup made an appearance in three different Northwest Indiana locations yesterday. We caught the festivities at the Midwest Ice Rink in Dyer and had a chance to talk with new Washington Capitals coach Todd Reirdon about how bringing the cup to the region isn't the only hockey related plan Reirdon has for Northwest Indiana.

Railcats baseball

The  Alex-Andy-Randy combination led the Railcats to a huge win over Sioux Falls while the Oilmen, who scored 23 hits on Southland the last time to two teams played, faced some painful  deja veau in the rematch,

All of the above will be spoken here.

nwi oilmen

A Northwest Indiana Oilman had a huge night against Dupage County while the Railcats were the victim of a big individual performance versus Sioux Falls. 

And junior league hockey is coming back to the region.  Click in for more information.

gary railcats

Hard to believe Railcat fans were shaking their collective heads about their ballclub just a week ago.  Seven days later, the Ralcats are in first place in the American Association North Division (which has Rusty the Railcat with a smile on his face). We'll tell you how they did it and we'll talk about a successful girl's high school basketball coach who will move on the boys basketball as an assistant.  


Thank goodness for the Cubs because it it weren't for them, Thursday night sports would have been crickets.

We'll tell you why plus talk about the Railcats beginning a six game home stand tonight at U.S. Steel Yard.

Sporting News

Go figure.

In the two weeks before this one, the Railcats struggled against Sioux Falls, Chicago, and Texas, three of the worst teams in the American Association. This past week, the Cats went on the road to play Fargo Morehead and defending league champion Winnipeg, two teams who are comparably better than the three previously named teams. And guess what?  The Cats are 4-1 against Fargo and Winnipeg.  That includes an impressive win over the Redhawks last night.


The Railcats got only five hits in their game with Fargo Morehead last night.  And still won.  We'll tell you how the Cats had the RedHawks under the gunn with some great pitching.

And if you love the long ball....and who doesn't? had to love last night's Major League Baseball all star game.  A Chicago Cub joined in the long ball festivities, but it was a couple of Houston Astros who had a role in the American League making it six all star game wins in a row.

chicago sun times

The Railcats began their three game series with defending champion Winnipeg winning the first two games.  Could the Railcats get the sweep Sunday?  Spoiler alert:  the verdict was in on this one in the second inning.

The Oilmen begin the second half of their season tonight against the best team in the Midwest Collegiate League.

And there was some tragic news involving a former Chicago Blackhawk.

Click in.  We'll dicsus it.


The only question I have for the Northwest Indiana Oilmen after last night's game with Southland in the heck did you guys miss that extra point?  We'll explain.

And the Railcats had some 'splaining to do after a tough two weeks in which the Cats struggled against three of the worst teams in the American Association.  Now they begin a week long road trip against far better competition. Manager Greg Tagert will talk about how important that Wednesday night win over Texas was as the Cats hit the road. 

Destiny Sports


The Railcats had a season high of men left on base against Texas yesterday. The Oilmen had problems stopping Joliet from driving in runs.  Did these situations get in the way of a Cat/Oilmen victory?

Destiny Sports

As the old saying goes (sort of), every hog has his day. Unfortunately for the Railcats, the Texas AirHogs, owners of the worst record in the American Association,  had theirs at the Cats expense.  

Last month Kankakee Valley's football coach resigned.  Didn't take long for the Kougars to find a replacement.

All of the above will be discussed.  

One thing we didn't talk about was the Cubs game last night.  San Fransisco walked off with a 2-1 win in 10 innings. 

Destiny Sports

Railcat pitcher Daniel Minor did it again.  With the Cats trying to end a four game losing streak,  Minor pitched lights out for the Cats against Sioux Falls yesterday.  Did Minor's outing lead to a Railcat victory?

Destiny Sports

Daniel Minor did it again for the Railcats and again a Northwest Indiana OIlmen pitcher is honored. Come to think of it, so was a Lake Central softball pitcher.  We will explain.

Northwest Indiana Times

Guys, we had technical difficulties with sports today, so  we decided to go with plan B.

The Railcats and Oilmen both played doubleheaders yesterday. The Oilmen swept their twin bill with Joliet, winning game one 3-2, then finishing the sweep with a 5-2 win featuring NWI pitcher Christian Howell giving up only three hits while striking out 11.

Destiny Sports

He did it again.  Railcat pitcher Daniel Minor proved why he has more wins than any other American Association league pitcher.  The Oilmen hope to get a new winning streak started tonight at home, and we are, what?  Less than two months before the beginning of the prep football season?  And Kankakee Valley is now in the hunt for a new football coach.  All of the above spoken right here.

Destiny Sports

The Railcats finished a suspended game with Chicago last night, then took part in the regularly schedule game that featured some heated moments in the seventh inning.  As for the Oilmen, their eight game winning streak ended after a long night at home.  It's baseball, baseball, and more baseball on the sportscast tonight. And speaking of MLB last night, the Cubs lost to the LA Dodgers 7-5 while the White Sox beat Minnesota 6-1.

NWI Times

The Railcats debut a former Japanese major league pitcher tonight (the Cats also picked up a better late than never win yesterday) while the Oilmen will try to extend their team record winning streak.


The Railcats got some good news and some bad news yesterday. Meanwhile the Oilmen have gotten mostly good news the past week and got another thumbs up yesterday. 

And Hobart high school has a new athletic director. All of the above will be discussed right here.  By the way, late final in from last night:  the Cubs lost to the LA Dodgers 2-1.  And no, we can't believe the Cubs got swept by the Reds over the weekend either.


The Railcats finally got the better of a league rival last night while the Oilmen continue beating all comers, and two coaching vacancies have been filled in Gary high school sports. 


Both the Railcats and Oilmen have work to do tonight.  We'll see whether the Cats can get some revenge from last weekend and the Oilman can extend their winning streak.

The NBA draft was yesterday. Who did the Bulls and Pacers pick in the first round?  We will tell you right here.

Destiny Sports

The Railcats got a great pitching performance Tuesday night against Cleburne.  Did the Cats get a repeat performance on the mound on Wednesday?  Remember how the Oilmen began their season? Not very good, but going into their matchup with Joliet, the Oilmen were owners of a five game winning streak.  Could they make it six Wednesday?

And was the region well represented on the tennis all state team?  Find out all of the above right here.

Destiny Sports

Cleburne (Texas) and Rafeal Palmiero were in Gary to begin a three game series with the Railcats last night. Could the Cats avoid being starstruck and end their three game losing streak?  Meanwhile, the Oilmen got some good news about one of their players being honored by the Midwest Collegiate League.  All of the above will be spoken here.


A very familiar face (especially to Cub fans) will play against the Railcats  at US Steel Yard tonight,  the Oilmen's coach has a new gig, and Gary Lighthouse has a new boys basketball coach.  Those are the headlines, details coming up.

Northwest Indiana Times

It was Ernie Banks who uttered the now famous line 'let's play two today.'  Well, two region teams took that slogan one step further; they won two Saturday during the high school baseball state finals. 

Boone Grove High School

The Oilmen got off to a good start in their game with Joliet Thursday. Did it lead to a happy finish?  Can the region pick up two state champiosnhips in high school baseball over the weekend?   NWI Times sportswriter Jim Peters talks about the prep baseball weekend right here.

Gary Southshore Railcats

The Railcats scored six runs in the top of the ninth inning against Winnipeg. Easy win for the Cats, right?  Wrong.

The Oilmen get a 'w' and it only took them 15 innings to do it.The Railcats were not so fortunate, though.

And you will hear from the young man who's job it is to pitch Andrean to another state high school baseball championship.  All of the above spoken here.