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"Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges" is a weekly radio program all about music and the people who make it. The show's mission is to promote and expose regional and national artists of various styles and genres. Especially when they have roots in the Midwest/Chicagoland area, or will be performing in the Chicagoland region.

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Come join Tom Lounges with the guys from Switchback live in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

Join Tom Lounges as he spends two great hours with the even greater Liz Mandeville to chat about her new album and her latest influences all on this edition of Midwest Beat!

The lovely women of Motown join us to talk about how their group originated, how they honor the greats from that legendary label, and discuss the genre that is Motown and Soul Music all in this episode of Midwest Beat!

Join Tom Lounges as he talks to long time friend and talented musician Keith Jackson of Triple Dos right here on Midwest Beat! 

Join Tom Lounges as he once again plays his top 10 of the year right here on this edition of Midwest Beat!

West Coast Blues sound that brings a "Lighter Side" of the Blues! We have Val Star  call in from California to the studio to talk music with Tom Lounges! 

Brad Toth and Richard Dean of "Thrill of the Hunt" join Tom Lounges on Midwest Beat to talk about collectibles and how nostalgia is alive an well!

"Almost Heaven: John Denver's America"  written and adapted by Peter Glazer and directed by Linda Fortunato, is a musical tribute and intimate celebration of John Denver's life and career. We have Steven Romero Schaeffer & Sarah Geist in studio to talk about thier roles and Linda Fortunato via phone on this edition of Midwest Beat! 

Shane Evans tells us upcoming events from the up and coming Hobart Art Theatre and how its evolved over the years from a movie theatre, to a full fledged concert venue on Midwest Beat!

Eric Lambert and Char this Sunday January 12th! Hear them on the show live with Tom Lounges!

BritBeat come to the Hobart Art Theatre! Come see a truly one of a kind Beatles experience where they blend multimedia with live music to create a museum of performance that you don't want to miss! 

This edition of "Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio on  December 12, 2019.


For this installment of the program, host Tom Lounges interviews the Nashville-based, musician/composer KIP WINGER, famous for his self-named band WINGER.

"In February 1976, Skafish and his band made their Chicago debut and forever changed the Chicago music scene. The early Skafish performances are considered to be the birth of Chicago Punk. From the beginning, Skafish startled, delighted, and appalled an unsuspecting public, often causing violent reactions. From an aesthetic perspective, the art was both genre-defining and genre-defying. This seeming contradiction has caused many to consider Skafish decades ahead of his time. Skafish has been acknowledged as Chicago’s punk, new wave, alternative and indie Godfather.

Fresh Hops are back in the studio to chat with Tom Lounges about future prospects on this edition of Midwest Beat!

It's that time of year again! Theatre at the Centre announces it's new year's lineup and this time its for 2020!! Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the great folks at TATC on this edition of Midwest Beat!

Stop.Drop.Rewind. has NEW content out and are trying some different ideas find out all about it on this edition of Midwest Beat!

This edition of "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on November 1, 2019 on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio

Folk/Americana music troubadour Ellis Paul is celebrating 30 years as a touring musician, having released 18 adult albums and two children’s albums, along with having published two children's books.  For that, he has garnered many awards.  More: www.ellispaul.com.

Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the owner of Green Door Books and Grant Fitch, actor extraordinare for a spooky episode of Midwest Beat!

photo credit to Kristie Schram

This edition of "Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on September 20, 2019 on 89.1FM-Lakeshore Public Radio.


Come Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the director and cinematographer of Indie Film of "Bleed American",  A bold portrait of misguided youth as they learn the cruelties of life and love in the American Midwest. 

Join Tom Lounges as he talks Buddy Holly with Tribute Artists "Rave On!" on this week's Midwest Beat!

Sophie Huber takes us on a journey through time in her brand new documentary about the history of the legendary jazz label that inspired not only contemporary jazz but the current hip hop artist and producers of this generation. Sophie and Tom discuss the documentary and more on this edition of Midwest Beat. 

This edition of "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on August 16, 2019 on 89.1FM - Lakeshore Public Radio

Stand-up comedian and actor Tom Dreesen -- a born and bred native of Harvey, Illinois -- is celebrating his 50th Anniversary this year in show business. He is coming home once again to share stories and memories as only he can about Frank Sinatra, arguably the greatest entertainer and vocalist of the 20th Century. 

Come support local music all while capturing the spirit of woodstock! (kid friendly of course) Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the hosts of Region Radio on this far out edition of Midwest Beat.

Mindi Abair is back to tell us about her exciting ventures with her new album "No Good Deed" and her wine festivals! Join Tom Lounges on this edition of "Midwest Beat"

Switchback...is back! New album "Birds of Prey" is out now and Tom Lounges Talks to half the band on this edition of Midwest Beat! 

With the release of her debut album, 'Hard Won,' in March 2017, harpist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter Lizzie No established herself as one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary folk music. Lizzie is a winner of the American Songwriter Lyrics Contest, a finalist in the New England Indie Rock Competition, and a frequent musical guest of The Moth. Join Tom Lounges as he interviews this artist to keep your eye on right here on Midwest Beat!

This program originally aired on 07-30-19

Woodstock was an event that was not only one of the biggest music fesivals in the world, bringing together some powerhouses in music, but also a massive symbol of Peace, Love, and Equality. The 50th anniversary is upon us and Tom Lounges is chatting with the author of "Woodstock: Back to Yasgur's Farm" and actual attendee of this "hippie love fest" Mike GreenBlatt an they get the fact what happened at this legendary festival on this week's Midwest Beat.