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From comic cons to drag shows, horror movies to Hip-hop, and everything in between. Take a break from the politics and hang out with us right here on Region Nerd Alert. 

Join us this week as we get pumped about the upcoming Gen Con! Also we talk about how to bury a lead and movies we want to see.

Region Nerd Alert delves into our childhoods and discuss about our biggest crushes when we didn't know any better.

Loki has messed everything up and we here at Region Nerd Alert discuss the implications of his party foul.

Back in the days of dial up and not using the phone while surfing the web, some of the funniest, scariest, and saddest content on the internet created the childhoods of many adults today. From Numa Numa to Bad Luck Brian, Myspace to Club Penguin, and everything in between. Catch Region Nerd Alert on Spotify or on 89.1fm!   

E3 has come and gone and TONS of great games were revealed! If you missed the presentations don't worry Region Nerd Alert Has you covered! From Microsoft and Bethesda, Nintendo, Revolver Media and many more, we are talking about all the highlights! Join Region Nerd Alert every Saturday at 7pm on 89.1 fm and listen as a podcast online anywhere podcasts are heard!

E3 is coming soon! We discuss what we would love to see, our predictions, and whether or not E3 is based or if its overhype cringe...(i think thats how the kids are saying it these days) Come nerd out! On Chicagolands number 1 discussion that you can easily be apart of! (IMO) 

Resident Evil 8 came out and there is one character in particular that has been getting a lot of attention. Nerd News giant G4 is BACK and they have an interesting new hire. Also your favorite Adult Swim shows are getting movies! All this and more on this edition of Region Nerd Alert!

Here is another "Best Of" from Region Nerd Alert! Here we have some interesting and funny conversations from days past.

A HIDDEN character in Super Mario Bros?! WHO died at the end of Falcon and Winter Soldier? WII FOR THE QUEEN! All this on Region Nerd Alert!

This is it. The moment you've all been waiting for. Mike and Jose of Region Nerd Alert give you the low down on the latest news in video games and everything else! They even talk about some SPORTS BALL. All on this action packed episode of Region Nerd Alert!

Twitch is a place where you can be a television star in the comfort of your own house but its more than that. Region Nerd Alert talks to CouchSpuddy, an established streamer with over 1200 followers and we learn what being an average Twitch streamer is like.  

Gatcha Games are TEARING US APART

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION exclusively on Disney Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios copyright Marvel Studios 2020. All Rights Reserved

Region Nerd Alert is BACK. Welcome to the Season 3 premeire and we have some changes! In this episode we talk about the craze that is WANDAVISION and we have our theories discussed. Also SPOILER WARNING. Listen at your own risk!

The Season Finale is here! Thank you for watching up to this point and I wish you all a very Merry 2021! This episode we give out 2020 awards to some categories in this heartfelt, tear jerker, cliff hanger, season finale of Region Nerd Alert. Thank you!


One of the most controversial and talked about awards ceremonies is here! No not the GRAMMYS but the video game awards! Despite 2020 being a complete wash, some big video game titles made some waves including, Ghosts of Tsushima, Animal Crossing: New Horizon, and of course Last of Us Part 2. Here at Region Nerd Alert we discuss the winners and what our winners would be to give the...wait what do they call that award? Anyways come nerd out on the next Region Nerd Alert!

Anime is definitely a world of wonder, fantasy, love, sports...basically if theres a THING theres an anime for it. I decided to call my friend Expresso who is a fellow anime lover and we discuss different genres of anime and recommendations for newbies to help find their favorite genre. 

Region Nerd Alert is back and we have some catching up to do! Netflix has been putting out some A1 shows lately including The Queen’s Gambit! Apple TV surprisingly is getting some traction. as well as HBO Max! Also NEXT GEN CONSOLES ARE HERE. Come Nerd Out with us on the next Region Nerd Alert!

For the last Halloween Special of Region Nerd Alert we are going to have a virtual extravaganza! We are getting dressed up, tasting some weird candy, and really going all out for this Halloween podcast, on Halloween Night! Come spoop out!

Who says Halloween has to be scary? Here at Region Nerd Alert, we can have a great time without the spookiness! We are inside our virtual avatars again costume shopping in VR Chat all while talking about our favorite Halloween stuff that doesn't necessarily go BUMP in the night! Come Spoop out!

We are more than half way through the spooky month of October and Region Nerd Alert is on episode 3 of its halloween podcast special! This week we have the Hammond Public Library on to talk about their virtual comic convention Fanfest as well as the legendary author of the Haunted Indiana series Mark Marimen! 

Back in the day when we were mere neanderthals, we were scared of slimy reptiles, chunky spiders, and sharp clawed monsters. As homosapiens we have kept many of those core scares but now we have incorporated new creep factors such as Zombies, Vampires, and...6 ft animatronic children’s pizza place furry characters. Come Spoop out on the next region nerd as we discuss what makes us go bump in the night right here on lakeshore public radio 89.1 fm

That's right. It's Time. It's going to get spooky. We are finally in the Halloween season and that means Region Nerd Alert has kicked off its 2nd annual “Halloween-Themed-Podcast-Happy-Time” To start off the season we talk about our favorite most iconic horror movie actors! And for a kicker we double check if you can stream them online right now!

Sony has had some BIG announcements in their recent press release, including the one we’ve all been waiting for, THE PRICE. Just in time for the holiday season. On the next Region Nerd Alert we talk about the updates, comparisons with not only its competitors, but its past releases from the Playstation to the PS4. 

Guilty Pleasures are usually something to be hid far away in a closet somewhere that are consumed when no one is around to watch. But here at region nerd alert we embrace all your guilty pleasures tv shows, movies, and music. We won't make fun of you...too much. Come Nerd Out with Region Nerd Alert Every Saturday at 7pm right here on Lakeshore Public Radio 89.1fm

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, all has added to their repertoire of streamables for august and September and we here Region Nerd Alert sift through it to give you some sneak peeks! This weeks episode is also special because the cast is remote for the very first VIRTUAL podcast, live from VR chat! Come nerd out on this weeks Region Nerd Alert! Saturday at 7pm right here on Lakeshore Public Radio, 89.1 fm

TV has many Genres. Horror, Action etc. One of those Genres is  Anime. Anime has troupes. A beach episode. A Christmas Episode etc. A Tournament Arc is one of these Troupes. We delve inside this niche rabbit hole and mention our favorite fights and tournament arcs in anime on the next region Nerd alert!

The path of the nerd has been a perilous one. The nerd has been wedgied, swirled, picked on, stepped on, but after facing such adversity the nerd has finally found a place to call home within society thanks to mainstream media, celebrities, and capitalism. Come nerd out with us on Region Nerd Alert and look back to our ancestors and figure out the transition the nerd underwent from "lame," to "dang he's pretty cool."

Superman! Batman! Spiderman! Who needs em. What makes a truly good good guy is a really well written villain. Come Join us on the next region nerd alert as we delve into some of the psyches of some of our favorite Villains. Come nerd out! On Region Nerd Alert. Every Saturday at 7 pm right here on Lakeshore public radio, 89.1fm

We've had some laughs, we've had some cries, we've had some ups, we've had some downs... we’ve also had some guests! Here at Region Nerd Alert I finally accumulated enough to warrant a "Best Of" episode from our previous guests and took out some snippets of interest. 

Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Horror, and comedy are all examples of movie genres but also video games! There's a video game for all types of movie genres no matter how niche. With Ghost of Tsushima out now with an Akira Kurasawa mode, honoring the famed samurai movie director, we here at Region Nerd Alert think of other video games that remind us of some great movie genres or directors.