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GUEST:  JENNIFER JEAN / Marketing Manager of "Brewski Fest"

This radio program will focus on a different kind of BEER FEST brewing in the Region on August 20th at Central Park Plaza

This novel new event is aptly called "Brewski Fest" and it is based on an idea as refreshing as an ice cold "Hamm's Beer," which just happens to be one of the many “old school” beers being served up at this "Retro" themed suds fest.  Others include: Schlitz, PBR, Bud, Strohs, Miller High Life, and a few other tasty brews.

Loki has messed everything up and we here at Region Nerd Alert discuss the implications of his party foul.

Today on Off Mic: Whether you supported him or not, President Trump had a large following. And much of that following does not trust the news media. That's a big problem for the press. How does the press win those people back? We talk to one person who says strengthening media literacy is the key; And, we talk to a local writer about 100 things to do in Northwest Indiana before you die. All this on Off Mic. 

Today on Off Mic …

Of the hundreds of pro-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, at least one was from Northwest Indiana. And, he has a large following on social media. But who is Kash Lee Kelly? And, the Trump administration executed a woman this week, it’s one of several that have been carried out in the last months of President Trump’s term in office. And, with the Bears out of the playoffs, what’s next for the team?All this on Off Mic.

Today on Off Mic, Indiana’s newest Congressman reflects on being sworn into office and the unrest that unfolded at the Capitol. Frank J. Mrvan is the new Representative for Indiana’s 1st Congressional District replacing longtime Rep. Peter J. Visclosky. Mrvan talks about his historic swearing in and whether President Trump should be removed from office. We’re also joined by Indiana State Rep. Earl Harris Jr to get a look at his legislative agenda.

Redistricting reform advocates rally at the Statehouse. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith