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Don’t plan to use cash to pay when you go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles any time soon.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

INDIANA - The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is asking Hoosiers to limit using cash and pay with a credit card or check when possible.

The BMV is making this request because of the national coin shortage which has directly impacted its branches.

The United States Federal Reserve is experiencing a coin shortage that is currently impacting all Financial Institutions within the U.S.  As a result, the BMV is unable to access additional coin inventory to replenish its supplies.

BMV Will Begin Charging Late Fees Again On July 1

Jun 29, 2020
Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will begin charging late fees again July 1.

Late fees had been suspended the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BMV Set To Allow Walk-In Customers At Branches

Jun 8, 2020
Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will soon reopen to walk-in customers at its branches statewide.

Study Committee Considers Automatic Voter Registration

Aug 30, 2017

Members of a legislative study committee Wednesday debated the merits of automatic voter registration. The discussion was part of an examination of election laws’ impact on voter participation.

Ten states in the country have some form of automatic voter registration. In most of them, citizens are registered to vote while doing other business at the BMV.

Advocates say the system could increase voter turnout.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles would be required to offer Hoosiers the chance to register to vote more often under legislation approved by a Senate committee.

But the bill does dramatically less than its original version.