Center for American Progress

Enrollment in teacher preparation programs has dropped significantly over the past decade. According to a new national report, Indiana has fewer than half of the candidates as it did in 2008.

Three years ago, most of the kids at Perry Preschool and Childcare were just learning to use words and stand on two legs – others weren’t even alive yet. But some might have never ended up here in Tell City, if Perry Preschool and Childcare hadn’t opened its doors.

A recent report from the think tank Center for American Progress looks at so-called childcare deserts in Indiana.

Today:   The Center for American Progress just completed a study of voter turnout, based on individual states' efforts in 2016 and projected the opportunities for more people to get to the polls in this mid-term election -- and beyond.  Danielle Root of the CAP joins us to talk about the report, and how thousands more Hoosiers could vote, with just a few changes to voter registration, same-day registration and no-excuse absentee voting.