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Critics of solar power often point out that unlike coal or natural gas, it isn’t always available when the sun isn’t shining. But one type of solar power plant can be dispatched to the grid almost as easily as fossil fuels — the problem is, it’s expensive. Purdue University researchers are looking into ways to lower those costs, which would make these plants competitive.

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When a coal plant shuts down, the loss of jobs and tax revenue can be devastating for the towns that host them. The state is grappling with how to help workers and local governments in Indiana with that transition.

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Within the next decade, nine coal plants in Indiana are expected to close or partially shut down. While that may mean cleaner air, it can also have repercussions for the towns that host these plants. In the first in our two-part series, we look at how the transition away from coal could play out in the southern Indiana town of Petersburg.

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A task force charged with developing a statewide energy plan voted to pass its final recommendations to the Indiana legislature on Thursday. Its report suggests lawmakers determine how the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission can ensure reliable electricity.

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Indianapolis Power and Light has agreed to pay more than $1.5 million for alleged air pollution violations at its Petersburg coal plant. That's according to a consent decree filed on Monday between the utility, the state, and the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Vectren Plans To Go 60 Percent Renewable Energy By 2025

Jun 18, 2020
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In the next five years, the Indiana utility Vectren will make a huge shift toward renewable energy and away from coal. That’s according to the utility’s latest 20-year plan. 

Controversial Coal Bill Awaits Holcomb's Signature

Mar 10, 2020
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The state House and Senate voted to send a controversial bill on coal plant closures to the governor Tuesday. The original version of the bill aimed to keep coal plants open until Indiana could come up with a statewide energy plan. 

Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt didn’t convince the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to change its mind about an energy moratorium in Indiana. The coal lobbyist had hoped to revive legislation that would have placed a temporary hold on large utility projects. 

The Sherco Generating Station in Minnesota (Credit: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons,
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Bredhold says southern Indiana also has some of the largest coal plants in the country.

“We are a hub of large, super polluting coal plants that dominate the landscape,” she says.

Bredhold says state leaders need to figure out how they’re going to prepare Indiana for future coal retirements.

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CHESTERTON, Ind. (AP) — A northern Indiana utility is moving forward on plans to reduce its coal-fired power generating capacity.

The Times reports Thursday was the last scheduled day of operation for coal-fired generators at NIPSCO's Bailly Generating Station near Chesterton.

NIPSCO spokesman Nick Meyer says employees gathered this week "to commemorate the fact that the facility has served more than 50 years, and the important role it played."

Vigo Coal Company surface mined about 700 acres of the Columbia mine in southern Indiana in the 1990s. The company then “reclaimed,” or restored, the area: it filled all the rocks and dirt back in and planted some trees and grasses.

“But then it sat there for about 10 years,” says Bill McCoy, manager of the Patoka National Wildlife Refuge east of Princeton, Indiana.

The United States will withdraw from the international climate agreement known as the Paris accord, President Trump announced on Thursday. He said the U.S. will negotiate either re-entering the Paris agreement or a work on a new deal that would put American workers first.
During his campaign, Trump vowed to "cancel" U.S. participation in the deal. World leaders and business figures had recently urged him to reconsider. Ultimately, the president decided to withdraw, with the stated intention of renegotiating.

Indiana Coal Advocates Cheer Trump Climate Order

Mar 28, 2017

Indiana is one of 28 states suing the Environmental Protection Agency over the Clean Power Plan, which President Donald Trump began rolling back Tuesday. And Trump’s move has industry advocates cheering.

The Clean Power Plan would reduce carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent nationwide in an effort to slow man-made climate change.

Environmentalists are concerned with Gov. Eric Holcomb’s nod to “clean coal” in his State of the State address earlier this week.

In a roughly 26 minute speech, Governor Holcomb’s comment on energy policy was brief— about 30 seconds. He says coal is necessary to keep Hoosiers employed and factories running.

“Let’s apply technology and innovation to find new ways to unleash this abundant source of power by burning coal cleanly,” Holcomb said.