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Today:  "Times" reporters Mary Freda and Carley Lanich are with us to talk about the stories they posted on the newspaper's website and in print editions this week, including the latest on COVID pandemic-related issues with regional schools, a court decision that affects the former owner of the Crown Theatre in downtown Crown Point, packages being stolen off residents' porches and plans for major expansion projects in the Crown Point Community Schools. There is now a third round of COVID-19 response grants available for communities to help those impacted by the pandemic. Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch and the Office of Community and Rural Affairs are working with and overseeing the program. Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson spoke with the Lieutenant Governor about the next round of grants. And we bring back our conversation with Edgewater Health executive Dr. Danita Johnson-Hughes about this evening's virtual fundraiser.

State of Indiana Suing Crown Theatre Manager

Sep 2, 2020
Crown Theatre

CROWN POINT - The Indiana attorney general's office is suing the manager of the now defunct Crown Theatre, for violating the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act, as well as the Indiana Senior Consumer Protection Act. Crown Productions, LLC, is also named in the lawsuit.

The "Times" reports Brad Strom, the manager of the theatre, failed to issue refunds to people who purchased tickets, seat sponsorships and VIP membership cards after the theater's doors remained closed due to construction delays.