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Today:    It's "Reporters' Roundtable Thursday," and we have both Bill Dolan and Giles Bruce from the "Times of Northwest Indiana" with us to review the stories they prepared for print and the Internet.  From Bill, it includes news on local property assessment notices sent out, and the latest in the Northwest Indiana precinct size reduction issue.  Giles talks about the recent drownings and near-drownings in Lake Michigan and offers up some updates on the medical scene in the Region.


Today:   Dave Benjamin of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project talks about the dangers of swimming or surfing (or even boating) in Lake Michigan and why it's so important to know what to do if you get into trouble in the water. 

The Chicago-based organization conducts informational and training sessions every year and -- Benjamin says -- encourages schools to include water safety drills, just as they plan for and conduct fire or earthquake drills.