Gas Tax

Laws That Go Into Effect On July 1

Jun 29, 2018

Summer in Indiana means a long list of new laws that go into effect on July 1.

The 2018 legislative session was historic on a few fronts, but the most significant new laws went into effect immediately, including legalized alcohol sales on Sundays and the sale of cannabidiol, or CBD oil.

But Hoosiers should be aware of the laws that become official on Sunday:

Murder charge for death of a fetus

New Gas Tax Increase Takes Effect Next Month

Jun 21, 2018

Indiana’s gas tax is set to increase again this year – it’s a small hike after last year’s 10 cent surge.

4th Congressional district Republican nominee Rep. Jim Baird, left, and Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun - a former state lawmaker - were attacked for their votes to raise the state’s gas tax 10 cents. (Courtesy Indiana General Assembly)
Brandon Smith

Two Republican primary candidates were attacked for their votes last year to raise the state’s gas tax. They both won their races.

And legislative leaders say those results affirm their support for the 2017 gas tax legislation.


A preference for one chamber’s version of the road funding bill has emerged as the public got what’s likely its last chance this session to testify on the measure.

During testimony from local officials, logistics and trucking industry representatives, union leaders, and others, a common theme materialized: they like the House version of the road funding bill better than the Senate’s.

Building and Construction Trades Council leader Pete Rimsans says the House bill creates a bigger return on investment.