Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project

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Today:   We talk with Dave Benjamin of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project about the alarming number of drownings in Lake Michigan this year -- although he says it's been worse in the past.  He talks about a recent rescue effort that he personally joined in, at Washington Park beach in Michigan City, and offers tips to swmmers when they step into Lake Michigan.  Jena Bellezza with the Indiana Parenting Institute tells about an August 17th conference to be held in the I.U.

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Today:   Ed Feigenbaum, the creator and editor of "Indiana Gaming Insight" newsletter published by Hannah News Service, talks about the latest gaming news in the Hoosier State, which happens to involve news from the Illinois legislature that could bring a casino license to the Chicago area.  That could have a big effect on northwest Indiana's casinos.  Indiana Public Broadcasting's Jeanne Lindsay has a report on the unpredictable structure of public school funding that is leading school districts to ask their patrons for tax hikes.  She begins her report in the Lake Forest School Corp.

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On this Reporters Roundtable Thursday -- a look at some of the major stories of the week in northwest Indiana, from the reporters who researched, wrote and posted them online and in print.  Our guests this week are Dan Carden and Ed Bierschenk with the Times of Northwest Indiana, Carole Carlson of the Post-Tribune and Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore.

Today:   Dave Benjamin of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project talks about the dangers of swimming or surfing (or even boating) in Lake Michigan and why it's so important to know what to do if you get into trouble in the water. 

The Chicago-based organization conducts informational and training sessions every year and -- Benjamin says -- encourages schools to include water safety drills, just as they plan for and conduct fire or earthquake drills.

Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project

It's almost officially summer and the water temperature in Lake Michigan is getting warmer -- at least close to the shoreline.  This summer, thousands will flock to northwest Indiana beaches to enjoy the sand and Lake Michigan surf.  But the lake is fickle and it can be very dangerous.