Green Energy

FILE PHOTO: Steve Burns / WTIU

A controversial bill that aimed to standardize where wind and solar farms could be located in the state was withdrawn in the state Senate on Tuesday. Despite a lot of changes to HB 1381, sponsors didn’t feel they could get the votes needed to pass it.

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As of 2018, Indiana led the nation in steel production — a process that puts out a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution. In order to meet climate goals, steel companies in Indiana will have to reduce those emissions significantly.

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When a coal plant shuts down, the loss of jobs and tax revenue can be devastating for the towns that host them. The state is grappling with how to help workers and local governments in Indiana with that transition.

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A task force charged with developing a statewide energy plan voted to pass its final recommendations to the Indiana legislature on Thursday. Its report suggests lawmakers determine how the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission can ensure reliable electricity.