HIV epidemic

Today:  Indiana Youth Institute president-CEO Tami Silverman is on "Regionally Speaking" to talk about the return of high school sports activities (like last fall's Indy Chatard-Merrillville football game, pictured above) and their importance to young people as they get ready to return to classes.  Northwest Indiana financial advisor Greg Hammer talked about where one should get investment advice (not from the social media pundits) and we bring back that conversation.   Side Effects Public Media's Darian Benson begins a series of reports about a hidden HIV epidemic: among Black women. And we have a conversation from IPB News on the concerns that some have about police officers stationed in public schools who aren't specifically trained to be around students.

Kyle Telechan/Post-Tribune

On this edition of the podcast you'll hear the latest on the arrest of Gary Council President Ron Brewer, Jr, confidential records of  Dr. Ulrich Klopfer patients have been found, Jill Sheridan reports on possible ways to end the HIV epidemic and Chris Nolte has a conversation with UCLA jazz and orchestra professor Charley Harrison along with Merrillville High School orchestra instructor Diane Rosenthal.  All of that, and more, on this edition of “Lakeshore Update”…