NWI Times

Today:   Jeff Hyman, the senior staff attorney for the Conservation Law Center, based at the I.U. Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, is with us to talk about the CLC's assistance to "Save the Dunes" and other groups over the bill in the Indiana House of Representatives concerning public access to Lake Michigan beaches.  The landmark 2018 Indiana Supreme Court ruling -- that affirmed the shoreline of Lake Michigan is owned by the state and held in trust for use by all Hoosiers -- is at risk of being undone, if a bill now under review is approved by the Legislature this esssion.  We have another edition of "Green Fleet Radio" from South Shore Clean Cities and NIRPC.  And, later in the program, Laura Odom with Purdue University Northwest talks about next week's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day events on the Westville and Hammond campuses. The university's been celebrating the memory and work of Dr. King with an annual program for 25 years now.

Today:   Valparaiso University professor Allison Schuette joins us in the studio as one of the co-director of  the Welcome Project, about the NEH grant of $100,000, to support the new "Flight Paths" initiative.  Dozens of applicants seek the grants on average each year but only seven are awarded  each year.   We revisit conversations from the past year for "Green Fleet Radio," supported by South Shore Green Cities. This conversation is from June 13th, 2018.