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Today:  We begin with "Post-Tribune" reporter Meredith Colias-Pete's stories she put in print and online, including the news that Indiana Medicaid must reimburse the federal government about $1.1 million for payments made to Medicaid patients who reportedly died but not cleared from the payment system.   Meredith also reported the news of a legal disciplinary hearing officer's report on Indiana Attorney General  Curtis Hill,  Lakeshore Public Radio's Dee Dotson talked with the founder of an organization that focuses on inspiring and empowering the next generation of entertainers -- and we revisit Sharon Jackson's conversation with an American Lung Association board member about the ALA's request to the FDA to crack down on vaping product makers who claim they are in the "quitting smoking" business.   We also revisit our conversations with immigration attorney Alfredo Estrada and Northwest Indiana Forum chief executive Heather Ennis.

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Today:  We have Governor Eric Holcomb's complete "State of the State" address from last month at the Statehouse.  Among the topics he brings up: education and teachers' pay.  Lakeshore Public Radio's Sharon Jackson has her conversation with Tony Rodriguez, the director of LaPorte County's office of community and economic development, on the plans for the use of a performance-based grant to link the Kingsbury Industrial Park with two major railroad lines.  And Lakeshore Public Radio's Dee Dotson offers her conversation with "Emma's Footprints" creator Amelia Kowalsyn, about the organization she founded to help families whov'e lost babies after birth deal with their grief.