YWCA of Northwest Indiana

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The YWCA of Northwest Indiana, which was founded in 1920, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary with a virtual Mask-Querade Gala on Saturday, October 31, 2020. “Regionally Speaking” host Chris Nolte recently spoke with Caren Jones, the executive director of the organization about the history of the organization as well as all of the festivities planned for the free event including a silent auction to support fundraising efforts for programming support live music, dancing, and building improvements and more.

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Today:   We revisit our conversation with Ron Taylor with the Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction District and Valparaiso University professor Julie Peller on plastics pollution in the county, as found during a recent study, and add to it a recent "Morning Edition" segment about the history of how America got so deeply involved in plastics recycling.  Caren Jones with the YWCA of Northwest Indiana tells us the history of the organization that is now 100 years old.  A virtual gala celebrating the YW's 100th anniversary is coming up on Halloween.  We bring you another in our series of conversations with young Indiana activists, and more local conversations from the Welcome Project at Valparaiso University.