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Get the latest on the global Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic as it impacts Northwest Indiana, the state, country, and globe. Bookmark this page as there will be several updates each day from Lakeshore Public Radio, IPB News, NPR, and the Associated Press.

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The Indiana Broadcaster's Association provides the latest updates on coronavirus as it impacts Hoosiers.

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Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Friday he will extend the state’s “Stay-At-Home” order through April 20. 

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Abrupt school closures last month took many people by surprise, and the state announced Thursday school buildings will stay closed for the rest of the school year.

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On this edition of the podcast the you’ll hear the latest on school closures in Indiana due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indiana is changing its high school graduation requirements for the class of 2020, Indiana jobless claims surged to 120,000 last week and Chris Nolte has a conversation with Victor Garcia, executive director of the Food Bank of NWI. He will share the latest on emergency support in response to COVID-19 . All of that, and more, on this edition of “Lakeshore Update”…

Where Gov. Holcomb's Emergency Powers Come From

Apr 3, 2020
Lauren Chapman / IPB News

Hoosiers will remain under a “Stay-At-Home” order for the next couple of weeks after Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Friday he will extend his directive.

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State leaders from all three branches of government say local criminal justice officials should decide how to handle inmates in county jails during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Federal officials are warning Hoosiers to watch out for scams related to COVID-19 – everything from fake charities to bogus stimulus checks.

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Agricultural economists forecast a potentially record high year for corn yields at the same time the coronavirus pandemic is hurting industries that rely on the crop. This in turn could hurt prices and farmers.

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Howard County commissioners are pulling back an ordinance they put into effect over the weekend restricting essential businesses from selling non-essential items. This past weekend residents were out of luck if they wanted to purchase games, books, music and other non-essential items locally.

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The Indiana State Department of Health reported 13 additional deaths Thursday, bringing the state’s total to 78. The state announced a total of more than 3,000 confirmed cases, with more than 16,000 Hoosiers tested. 

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The Indiana Broadcaster's Association provides the latest updates on coronavirus as it impacts Hoosiers.

VALPARAISO - The Valparaiso Police Department is upping its Care Assistance and Referral Program (CARE)  to help anyone, especially senior citizens who may be vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

Sergeant Joe Hall, Commander of Support Services with Valparaiso PD, says the program is offered year-round and is normally used when the weather is at extreme temperatures, but now it's being engaged until life returns to normal after the Coronavirus crisis.

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Indiana K-12 schools will not reopen this academic year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The Indiana Department of Education ordered schools Thursday to develop plans to prepare for the long-term fallout from that decision.

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How do human beings respond to invisible threats like the coronavirus and carbon pollution? One threat is personal, direct, and close – touch an infected surface or talk too close to someone and you could be deathly sick in a matter of days. The other is impersonal, indirect, and far away– driving your car contributes in some tiny way to future melting glaciers, rising seas, and scorching heat waves. And yet responding to both requires a similar shift in mindset and behavior.

Provided / IBA

The Indiana Broadcaster's Association provides the latest updates on coronavirus as it impacts Hoosiers.